SG Cyber Safe Programme

Whether you are a small organisation embarking on your digital journey or a large multi-national corporation with digitalised business functions, cyber risks are getting more sophisticated, and all organisations are at risk. The SG Cyber Safe Programme helps Singapore organisations better protect themselves in the digital domain and enhance their cybersecurity.

Every organisation is unique; thus, its business needs and risk-level will vary.

Where is your organisation in your cybersecurity journey?

  • My organisation is just starting in our cybersecurity journey.
  • We have implemented cyber hygiene measures to protect ourselves against common cyber attacks but want to further improve our cybersecurity posture.

• My organisation has already started implementing cybersecurity, but we want to learn more.
• We have extensive digitalised business operations and a higher cybersecurity risk profile.
• We have implemented comprehensive measures that are commensurate with our risk profile.

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