Cybersecurity and Labelling Schemes


About the Cybersecurity Certification Centre (CCC)

The Cybersecurity Certification Centre (CCC) focuses on the evaluation, certification and labelling of cybersecurity products. CCC operates three schemes aimed at providing the security assurance that the product has undergone impartial examination and testing to ascertain that it is securely designed, implemented, and appropriate in mitigating the specified security threats. 

National Integrated Centre for Evaluation (NiCE) 

A Memorandum of Agreement between the CSA and NTU was signed to establish the National Integrated Centre for Evaluation (NiCE) in 2019 and launched by Minister Josephine Teo on 18th May 2022. NiCE, equipped with advanced evaluation tools, equipment and capabilities, is set up to a one-stop centre for Evaluation, Research and Education for product security. The centre aims to seed a community of practice, grow a vibrant and sustainable Testing, Inspection, Certification (TIC) industry for cybersecurity, and build a pipeline of local talent in product evaluation.

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CSA’s core mission is to keep Singapore’s cyberspace safe and secure, to underpin out National Security, power a Digital Economy, and protect our Digital Way of Life.
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